Living In Montreal

Only in Quebec

Posted on Jun 27, 2010 in Living In Montreal

Every summer when I was a kid, my parents would pack all 4 of us kids into the car and make the sweaty, stifling 18-hour trip from the east coast where we lived to London, Ontario, where we were born and our extended family lived.

My parents somehow handled the sweating, and complaining, and boredom and unending roads extremely well. (Except for the...

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Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off This Saturday in Kirkland, Quebec

Posted on Apr 12, 2010 in Living In Montreal

‘Tis the season for spring clean-up!

But please don’t go throwing your old paint cans, batteries, gas cans, and medicines into the trash.

The chemicals they contain can leach into the ground and contaminate the soil and flow into our rivers and streams and…well…you know what that means: unintended science experiments! With we humans and the plants...

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