Predicting the Montreal Real Estate Market in Unpredictable Times

Posted on Oct 14, 2020 in Finance

As many of you have likely noticed, the outlook on the Montreal real estate market is somewhat conflicting. Some believe prices are going to go down slightly (or dramatically, depending on who you ask) as the second wave of COVID-19 hits, businesses suffer, and some people lose their livelihoods. This could force some homeowners to put up their hom...

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Mortgage Approvals: Without One, This Girl Don’t Play

Posted on Feb 26, 2016 in Finance

You know what sucks? Going through the entire process of house shopping, making an offer, negotiating back and forth, paying for an inspection, analyzing the inspection results, planning what needs to be done when you become owners, picturing where you’re going to put your furniture and what colour you will paint the baby’s room…and THEN finding ou...

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How’s the Montreal real estate market?

Posted on Oct 01, 2012 in Finance

As a Montreal real estate broker, I’m often asked, “How’s the market doing, Tanya?”

If I was bluffing or had my head in the sand, I’d say, “Great!”  But I don’t bluff and the sand gets in my eyes. If I was a pessimist, I’d say, “Terrible.” But my glass is always half-full.

In reality, the answer is much more complicated…as am I.

Here are some highlight...

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“Frankly, my dear lender, we didn’t care about that piddly little $17 payment.”

Posted on Jan 08, 2010 in Finance

A colleague of mine south of the border does a great job of illustrating with a real-life example the things we need to keep in mind when applying for credit. If you’re new to the process of buying a home, this is some great — and succinct — advice.

Via Gabrielle (Kamahele) Rhind, Associate Broker (Tierra Antigua Realty, Tucson AZ Real Estate):


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