February 2016

Mortgage Approvals: Without One, This Girl Don’t Play

Posted on Feb 26, 2016 in Finance

You know what sucks? Going through the entire process of house shopping, making an offer, negotiating back and forth, paying for an inspection, analyzing the inspection results, planning what needs to be done when you become owners, picturing where you’re going to put your furniture and what colour you will paint the baby’s room…and THEN finding ou...

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Real Estate in the ‘Hood – 2015 Review

Posted on Feb 16, 2016 in Real Estate

Overall, 2015 was a good year for real estate in the ‘hood.

And by ‘hood, I mean Pointe-Claire South West – south of the 20 from blvd. St. Jean heading west to Pointe-Claire Avenue – and Beaconsfield South East – south of the 20 from Jasper to St. Charles.

It’s an area where we get to enjoy views like the one below any time we want…as well as the bes...

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