December 2009

No, Please, Not Another Melamine and Oak Strip Kitchen!

Posted on Dec 23, 2009 in Home Staging

I once had this kitchen. You’ve seen it before, haven’t you? Or was it just a Montreal home-builder’s brainchild? You know, that beautiful (?) almond-coloured melamine cabinetry sitting on drawer slides and then, for a pinch of the organic, a strip of oak at the bottom of each upper cabinet door and at the top of each lower door and drawer. Beautif...

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Staging Benefits Buyers As Well

Posted on Dec 21, 2009 in Home Staging

No, that’s not a typo in the title of this blog. Staging benefits not only sellers/vendors and the listing real estate agent, it also benefits potential buyers. How many real estate agents out there have had clients turn down properties that had strong selling points and good “bones” because of the bad decor, or the clutter, or the dated finishes...

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