We are more than the galas.

It’s a strange world, this real estate business. Sometimes, on the inside looking out, I worry about the focus on money.

#1 in sales, #1 in volume, top producer, #5 in the province, drive my fancy shiny car, wear my big producer pin to the grocery store, de rigueur glamour shot posted everywhere I can think of, big pay cheque coming up, I’ll make this much money if I can just close this deal….

On the inside, WORKING in this business day in and day out, I see that the image we may project to the outside world does not represent what truly preoccupies us.

Building inspection gone awry, buyer loses financing, closing date messed up, appliances stop working before signing, foundation falling apart, nightmare crawlspace, roof leak, time running out to find a new home, please don’t let me have to move twice, we can’t agree on what we like, bidding war on the perfect house, no bids on what we thought was the perfect house, time on market, competition, marketing strategy, school choices, where will my kids play, how much down payment can we come up with, my credit is crap, so many memories in this house.…

And on the list goes.

We deal with people’s homes – their HOMES. It’s where their heart rests, their assets sit, and their future is projected.

And yet I’m not sure we talk enough about the intricacies of this business, of what we do behind the scenes, of how preoccupied we are with our clients’ hopes and dreams and everything we try to do, quietly, in the background, to make those hopes and dreams come true.

Which would be fine, but then we throw galas – galas! – and talk about how much we made last year. We talk, about how much we made! And how much better we are than the competition. I can’t think if another profession that does this so openly and commonly. We spiff up our belts, and shine our shoes, and spray our hair (and tans), and wash our cars manically. This is not the real us – or, at the very least, not the people in this business that I associate with.

By all means, let’s celebrate our successes. But let’s balance this celebration with our understanding that unless we’re taking care of our clients, REALLY taking care of our clients, today’s success is but a flash in the pan.

We are more than the galas, much much more. And so is this business.