On real estate photography

I get asked a lot, “Why don’t you take your own photos? You would probably do a good job. And you’d save some money.” We’ll let me tell you right now that professional real estate photography will come with many benefits.

Here’s why:

Because the vast majority of home buyers “shop” for homes on the web, and if your place doesn’t look great in photos, many won’t even bother coming to see it.

Why take that chance?

Professional photographers know how to capture a mood and light and the flow of a space. They know how to showcase the most important (valuable) details. They are pros.

I’m a pro too, in staging and in real estate. But not in photography. I work really hard to get your place ready for my wifi cameras to view all the angles, and then I let the pros capture it for the world. I would never risk limiting the potential buyer pool for your biggest investment with a desire to save a few bucks.

My main photographer is Michael Green. You can find him here. The man is an artist, and he beautifully captures every property — even the ones that can be challenging. You’ll find his photos throughout my website.

I’ve also counted on Yves Tzaud numerous times throughout the years. You can find him here. He is quick and, amazingly, can capture clear and beautiful shots without ever using a tripod.

Most recently, I engaged a new photographer to capture shots of the West Island for this website. Lauren du Preez is energetic and enthusiastic and has a wistful eye. You can find her here.

Whether you hire me to sell your home or not, I would encourage you to ensure that your home is captured beautifully in photos, to attract the largest possible pool of potential buyers. Otherwise, you could potentially be leaving money on the table. And who wants to do that?