I am not a Venus Flytrap: my promise to Montreal West Island home buyers and sellers.

I may be a Montreal real estate broker, but I am not a Venus Flytrap.  This is my promise to you, Montreal West Island home buyers and sellers.
I look nothing like a Venus Flytrap, I think…

I know you feel compelled to wipe out your caller ID when you call me.  I know you weigh the pros and cons of giving me your address with the gravity of considering whether to have another child.  I know you don’t want to give me your last name.  And some of you don’t even want to give me your real first name ?

I know this because you called me this weekend asking about my listings and about other homes for sale in Montreal West Island.

You feel it necessary to approach me in a way that will make it impossible for me to grab you in my clutches, never to let go of you again. You want to avoid an unending, and unrequested, barrage of e-mails from me, phone calls, calendars, magnets, letters of ANNOUNCEMENT!!!, UPDATES YOU MUST READ NOW!!!, and all of the other endless ways some of us in this crazy business of real estate (and other businesses too) trap you and never let you go.

But you should know this: I am not a Venus Flytrap, and I never will be.  I promise.

I will not harass you.

I will not devour you.

I will not add you to an endless, automated, meaningless, e-mail drip campaign.  I will not call you with feigned excitement in my voice announcing, “The market has NEVER been better!!  You’ve GOTTA jump in right now!!  RIGHT NOW!!!”

If you have questions for me about Montreal West Island homes for sale or the real estate market in general, you can be

comfortable firing away. My contact with you will be meaningful and respectful of you, your time and your privacy.

I may be from Venus, but I’m not a Venus Flytrap.  I promise.