Amused to Death?

I’m feeling philosophical this Monday morning.  Roger Waters is coming to play the entire album The Wall here in Montreal at the Bell Centre.  Hubby is going, but I’m not.  Though I’m a huge Roger Waters fan, it’s his solo stuff I prefer and so I just couldn’t justify the price tag: a cool $250.  The Wall is Ritch’s favourite album, so he must go.

I’m feeling philosophical because I’ve had to ask myself some tough questions about how I’ve been spending my time lately.  I’ve spent the better part of a year investigating and experimenting in social media, including blogging.  It’s been a huge learning curve for me, and though I’m not done learning yet, I know I need to be more focused in how I spend my time.

It’s just so easy to convince myself that what I’m doing is “work.”  And most of the time it is; at other times, it’s purely social — and I need to be honest about that and figure out whether I can afford that time to be social or whether I should be working on other things.  Or here’s a thought: how about being social with the real live friends and family who are already in my life?

I was on Facebook a while back when Jared James asked the question:

“Is what you’re doing right now productive?”

The quote in today’s Montreal Gazette was from Dante:

“Heaven wheels above you, displaying her eternal glories, and still your eyes are on the ground.”

And from Roger Waters’ Amused to Death, a beautiful, mystical, passionate and prophetic song (subscribers: the link to the song will come up if you open up my blog instead of reading from the e-mail):

“No tears to cry. No feelings left.  The species has amused itself to death.”

So here’s to having our feet planted firmly on the ground, to looking for – and seeing – the beauty that surrounds us, to spending less time plugged in and more time just being…and to being honest about why we do what we do.  

Have a great week, my friends.