I’ll take a month of doing better over 12 months of doing the same.

I’ll take a month of doing better over 12 months of doing the same, any day of the year.

That’s a mouthful, I know.  Let me explain.

For every keen, eager and, OK, sometimes  naive person who embraces the New Year’s ritual of setting resolutions for the year ahead, you’ll find a wise, learned and, yes, more pessimistic soul who shakes their head at the futility of setting goals that are likely to be broken before the calendar even flips to the next month.

I’m in the former camp: keen, eager and maybe naïve.  And I have no intention of going anywhere.

I know that some of my resolutions will not be followed for more than a few weeks.  But I also know that some will.

And the bottom line is, I’ll take a month of trying to do better over 12 months of doing exactly the same.

I’ll take the positive effects of trying to take better care of myself in the long, cold, dark month of January over writing off my efforts at more exercise, more diligent vitamin-consumption and better eating before January even starts.

I’ll grab onto the optimism that comes with a New Year over the cynicism of believing we can’t reinvent ourselves and our worlds, at least to some extent.

I’ll take good intentions over no intentions.

And I’ll forgive myself for my foibles, along with those of the people around me, as long as I (and they) keep trying to do my best, every day, in whatever form I can, knowing that “my best” varies depending on any number of real-life circumstances.

Bring on the New Year!  I’ll try my best.  Again and again.

Happy, happy New Year, my friends. 
I hope to see more of you in 2011.