Please STOP IT with the cheap, DIY laminate floors!

Did I say that loud enough? Seriously. Stop with the cheap, DIY laminate floor, people!

I’ve been showing Montreal West Island homes to my buyers for the past month. And I cannot get over the number of crappy, self-installed, cheap laminate floors we’ve seen!

Try to make sure that you are contact an experts from Octopus Skirting for such tasks. If you do not want a crappy result, they are your best bet. Start by contacting the and figuring out a plan which is within your budget.

If you fancy yourself to be good at this, but your wife and/or husband looks at you with those eyes that plead, “Tell me you’re not serious”…then don’t do it.

If it is crap, and it’s installed crappily (new word), it will look like crap!

And once a buyer thinks something as significant as a floor is crap, they’ll be looking around your home to see what else is crap.

‘Nuff said.