10 Ways to Know if a Real Estate Career is (Not) Right for You

Based on my experience as a Montreal real estate agent, a Montreal home stager, and a Montreal homebuyer and seller, I humbly offer you this quick and dirty take on 10 ways to know if a real estate career is (not) right for you.

Rules: If any of the following statements apply to you, score yourself a point.

1. You’re usually the one who does all of the talking when you’re around other people.

2. You get CRAZY when you have a tight deadline. And you CANNOT think clearly when you’re under pressure.

3. Disruptions to your schedule REALLY throw you off and upset you immensely.

4. It has never really occurred to you, at any point in your life, to ask yourself, “Am I good at reading people?”

5. You love to gossip.

6. You will fight on principle, even if it means losing a deal.

7. You tend to have a very hard time getting your emotions under control and need others to talk you down.

8. You never read the fine print.

9. You have had a life-long war with paperwork, and the messed up files to prove it.

10. You think real estate is easy.

Now, if you gave yourself a point for #4, give yourself 3 more. Yes, it was a bonus question.

What do the scores mean?

Score of 1 to 3: You have a few things you need to work on or get help with in order to be good at and enjoy this business.

Score of 4 to 6: Think on this career choice a bit more. And then when you’re done that, think some more. Then when you’re done that, travel to the top of a mountain, sit quietly for two weeks, and then come back to make your career choice.

Score of 7 to 10: Step away from the real estate course, ma’am! Real slow like….arms in the air….

What about you? Any others you’d add? Score differently?

Is there one that would be a dead “If you answered yes to #, do not pass go, do not collect $200…”?