Legislating Common Sense: More Tidbits from the New Quebec Real Estate Brokerage Act

The new Real Estate Brokerage Act came into effect here in Quebec on May 1, 2010. I’ve written about this previously, but in July, I attended my mandatory training on the new laws and learned a few more tidbits.

1. What’s the name of that dude who showed up at our Christmas party the year we had a Michael Jackson moonwalk contest?

This will come as a shock and as a dreadful burden to many real estate agency executive officers but….hold onto your seats now…you will now be required to keep a list (ghack!) of brokers working for your real estate agency, complete with their full names!

Shocking and time-consuming, I know. Better get another assistant, ‘cause it’s time to blow the dust off those files and try to remember who works for you.

2. Put your shoulder pads and big hair away…or it’s off with your head!

If a real estate broker (formerly called an agent) is going to use a picture of themselves in their advertising, the picture must not be more than 5 years old.


We have a little over a year to implement this last one. Better book my hair appointment now if I want to continue selling Montreal West Island real estate : )

I guess sometimes there’s a need to legislate common sense. Better than legislating absurdity!