Louise and I have never had as much fun working!

Dear Tanya,

Well, we have made it. In a couple of weeks we take possession of our new home.
Louise and I have never had as much fun working!

When we were selling, you took our condo and transformed it in to an extremely desirable place for anyone to live and enjoy. Your talent to “make everything work” on our budget was inspiring to say the least. We sold our condo before any of the other 4 in our neighbourhood……BRAVO!!!!!

Your patience with us in the buying process has been saintly. We saw a lot of duds in our price range and we were all a little testy at times but you always managed to be the voice of reason and kept telling us not to worry we would find our home. Your tireless efforts sure paid off. We called you almost every day and we have spent a lot of time together and we are happy to call you a dear friend.

We did find our home and we could not be happier with our choice. Your counsel and opinions were priceless. We all learned a lot during the process and we have you to thank for everything, Rich can have you back now, so without further ado,

PS We can’t wait to see what you will do with our new home…YAHOO!!!

Orly and Louise, Dollard Des Ormeaux