We are all artists.

I’ve been reading a lot of Seth Godin lately, in particular his blog.  Lately, Seth has been pushing us to push ourselves – not to work harder or faster, but rather to work on the things that matter, the things that can make a difference to the way we, and the world at large, think, feel and do.  He encourages us to take the risks that must be taken to create “art.”

I’ve also been watching American Idol with my 9-year-old.  Again, artistry has been the theme, and in this case too, the judges have been pushing the contestants to create art, to take risks, to find their true voice or their “lane”.

Artists put themselves out there. Painters, singers, musicians, writers, poets, sculptors – they all dig deep, expose the fleshy parts of themselves, not knowing how their audience will react, who their critics will be, and whose lives they may change.

In fact, we are all artists. Our works of art are ourselves.   Every experience we have, every emotion we feel, everything we learn, molds us, creates or softens our edges, adds contours to our being, paints us with brilliant colour in some places and with shades of pale in others, making us absolutely unique and uniquely beautiful.

Never stop creating your art. Be who you are meant to be.  Be brave enough to stay true to your inner voice, to show the colour that wants to shine through, to flow into the shape you want your life to take.

You are a work of art, and as with any piece of art, not everybody will like you.  But critics be damned.  Greatness never comes from playing it safe … nor does it come from pressing the inner mute button.