Staging Benefits Buyers As Well

No, that’s not a typo in the title of this blog. Staging benefits not only sellers/vendors and the listing real estate agent, it also benefits potential buyers. How many real estate agents out there have had clients turn down properties that had strong selling points and good “bones” because of the bad decor, or the clutter, or the dated finishes? And how frustrating has that been for you?

And how many potential home buyers out there have walked into a home, taken one quick look around and walked right back out without a second glance because of the “horrible” wall colours, the dated furnishings, the pet or cigarette odours, or the cramped layout– without even noticing whether the home had good walls, windows, floors, layout or space ?

Now, I put the word “horrible” in quotation marks because what is horrible to one person may be beauty to another. Take the colour orange, for example. My dining room is a dark, deep orange, and I love it. But would I sell my home with orange walls in the dining room? Absolutely not! For every person who loves orange, I’ll find another who doesn’t. And as a home seller, I can’t afford to be unappealing to one in two potential buyers.

As a potential BUYER, I need to be able appreciate all that a home has to offer, and this is where staging comes in. Staging removes the factors that can be unappealing to potential buyers, allowing the home to be judged for what it is, rather than the picture it’s presented in.

Too often, we focus only on the benefit of staging for sellers. I think it’s time we appreciate what staging can do for buyers as well, leveling the paying field, as it were, and allowing the best features of a home to be noticed and appreciated.