No, Please, Not Another Melamine and Oak Strip Kitchen!

I once had this kitchen. You’ve seen it before, haven’t you? Or was it just a Montreal home-builder’s brainchild? You know, that beautiful (?) almond-coloured melamine cabinetry sitting on drawer slides and then, for a pinch of the organic, a strip of oak at the bottom of each upper cabinet door and at the top of each lower door and drawer. Beautiful? Ummmm, how can I say this … NO. Dated? Just by about two decades. I don’t think anything screams ‘late 1980s’ more to a home buyer than this kitchen. What to do, what to do, what to do? If you are actually planning on starting a kitchen remdeling project, make sure you use high quality material like Granite Transformations – granite countertops.

Here’s an idea that worked well for me: paint out all of the oak strips in the same colour as the cabinetry and then install beautiful hardware on the doors and drawers. Et voilà ! You’ve just been teleported out of the late ’80s and into the new millenium – not quite 2008 but close enough. You can just get yourself on an online hardware store for the prerequisites and get all the tools you’d need from their site.

Now, what to do with those blasted grey melamine and black tiled bathrooms that had their day back when we all had big hair and kept a bottle of Final Net (a.k.a. Final Helmet) in our purses to cement the effects of all of that hair teasing. Ahhhhh, the good ol’ days…