“Hey, you should blog about this.”

This has nothing to do with Montreal real estate, Montreal home staging, or plans for 2010.

It has everything to do with: 1. Being in Key West last year on vacation with Mr. Man; and 2. Mr. Man finding this picture on the computer the other day and saying, “Hey, you should blog about this.”

Yes, he actually said those words: “You should blog about this.

What does this mean?

I think it means that he no longer sees my blogging as “the other man” in our relationship! Finally!

Does this mean an end to the glares he sends my way as I type, blog,  comment and laugh out loud while on Active Rain, my fav on-line real estate network, or other parts of cyberspace? One can only hope.

But at least the private detective he hired to tail me should be a thing of the past. I’ll keep you posted…