Sometimes, decluttering and decorating can change a person’s life.

Sometimes, decluttering and decorating can change a person’s life. Sounds kitschy, but that’s what they tell us. And for any of us who have gone through the monumental task of decluttering our own homes and then pulling things together in a way that makes us happy, we know it’s true.

Last spring, we did a Montreal home staging for a Montreal real estate agent and the home sold within days. That real estate agent then referred us to a friend of hers who wanted some help pulling his Montreal condo together.

It turned out to be more than “pulling things together” actually. This man had allowed the clutter in his home to accumulate, had never chosen furniture and art that he actually loved, and hadn’t bothered to arrange things in a way that made him want to be at home or have friends over.

And there were many reasons for this, not the least of which was a belief that it was not important. He had been raised in a modest home where home furnishings and decorating had no real importance. Art and music were important, but not the feeling you get in your own home. I think he also had to get his head around the idea that decorating his home because he wanted to was enough of a reason; his reasons needn’t be loftier or more altruistic than that.

He was ready for change, he worked really hard, and we helped him get there.

Here’s a look at some before and after photos of his living room and dining room. I’ll show the bedrooms in my next posts.