According to Warren Beatty, I’m Successful in My Field

Yes, that’s what I said: According to Warren Beatty, I’m successful in my field.

Did he tell me that over drinks? No.

While discussing my business plan? Um, no.

While lounging with me in a bubble bath, overlooking the Pacific ocean? Yes! Okay, maybe not.

Did he ever tell me that? Well, no.

His exact words were: “You’ve achieved success in your field when you don’t know whether what you’re doing is work or play.”

Those are the first words in Chapter Four of Jennifer Allan’s “If You’re Not Having Fun Selling Real Estate, You’re Not Doing It Right.” Great book. Great philosophy. A common-sensical approach to doing anything (not just real estate): Be yourself, be very good at what you do, and have fun. I’m loving the book. But this post isn’t about that.

Back to Warren Beatty…and his quote…

I could spend hours on Matrix, the Quebec real estate agents’ version of MLS, analyzing comparables this way, that way and upside down. Looking at average sell times for Beaconsfield real estate and Kirkland real estate – my markets. Seeing what’s moving and what’s not, and trying to figure out why.

I could spend hours home staging Montreal clients’ homes. Hell, staging friends’ homes! I love, love, love staging. I love taking something and making something fabulous out of it. I love finding the diamond in the rough, or helping something’s true potential shine (or someone‘s true potential shine, hence my previous career in criminology).

Sourcing new lighting, art, bedding and kitchen cabinet knobs for my home sellers? Is that really work? ‘Cause it sure feels like play to me.

Speaking to my buyers over and over again about how I don’t want them to compromise on location, or on that wood-burning fireplace that is such a big part of their evening chill-session. Is that really work? Really? ‘Cause it sure doesn’t feel like it.

And let’s not even talk about how much time I spend on ActiveRain (an on-line real estate network of 171,000+ real estate professionals), acting like a living sponge for all the wisdom, experience and sheer knowledge that’s being shared there. Are you SURE this is work? Can’t be…

I am doing what I was meant to do. And I’m having so much fun.

You’re a wise (and sexy) man, Warren Beatty.