Feeling Fat…But Inspired

I’ve put on 12 pounds in the 3 years I’ve been involved in the world of real estate, first as a Montreal home stager and now as a Montreal real estate agent too.

Worse than the weight, I totally dropped my running and pilates. I used to be in great shape. Now I’m in terrible shape.

So, after months and months of complaining about my weight and condition, last Friday I joined the Montreal West Island YMCA. I’ve gone to 2 classes so far — one of which hobbled me for 72 hours : ) And Wednesday, I got a gift that was most inspiring of all.

At that morning’s class, right in front of me was my neighbour/friend…with her bright blue scarf covering a bald head. She’s under-going chemotherapy for breast cancer. Her last treatment, she threw up for 24 hours.

And she was at the gym today.

Not making excuses.

Not complaining about the schlepping of gear.

Doing as much of the workout as she could…which was more than me.

Smiling! Happy to feel well enough to be there. Helping lead the class. (She will be co-teaching it again soon.)


She’s one of the bravest women I know.

We should all be so lucky to have someone like her appear in our lives just when we need it. To inspire us to take care of ourselves. To stop making excuses. To schedule in the time we need to take care of these bodies that allow us to do all that we do.